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money back for your commitment.

12 month payment plans to keep your monthly cost low.



Here is how you can earn 15% off your services:

-Sign up for at least 6 landscaping services

with a contract of 12 Months.

Full service landscaping

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Service & maintenance

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Our Services

Weekly lawn maintenance


This includes: mowing, edging, blowing off all hard surfaces, bed care by either hand pulling or herbicides.

leaf removal

This includes: removing leaves from garden, lawn, or other outdoor areas. This helps from harboring pests, blocking sunlight and nutrients from reaching grass or plants.

weed control applications

This aids in preventing or eliminating weeds in lawn or other outdoor areas.

mulch/rock installs

This service includes preparing the area and installing mulch or rock to enhance the look and feel of your landscape.

Shrub & tree pruning/planting

This includes: removing dead, diseased, or overgrown branches to improve health, shape, and appearance.

spring and fall clean ups

This includes: preparing outdoor spaces for changing seasons and maintaining a polished look.

aeration, seeding, and fertilization

This is an often overlooked service that will transform the way your lawn looks for its lifetime.

snow and ice management

This is an extra service to those customers who can't or do not want to deal with snowy and icy conditions.

Recent work

Recent Work


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Majestic views landscaping.

We are committed not only to serving your landscaping needs, but giving you back the precious time spent on maintaining your image. After signing up with us: come back to a perfectly maintained landscape, realize how much time you now have, and relax. You deserve it.

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