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Who is Majestic Views?

Majestic Views Landscaping is fully licensed and experienced with its roots reaching back to 2010. We specialize in full service property maintenance including landscaping projects for: Commercial, Industrial, and Residential properties in Forest, VA and surrounding areas. With an extremely dedicated staff and love for our job, Majestic Views is second to none in full service landscaping.

About Us!

Thomas dedicates a majority of his time to his career but, in his free time he enjoys spending time with his wife Carla, and their three children Kayden, Kanyon, and Karlyle. He also enjoys white tail deer hunting and fixing his old Chevrolet trucks.

Company History

Before 2014

During 2014

January 21, 2021

March, 2021

Our owner, Thomas, was born and raised in Northern, VA where at a very young age he took an interest in landscaping. While in high school, he worked part time doing landscaping where he gained valuable knowledge and experience in landscaping including: Lawn/Property Maintenance and Chemical Treatments. After high school, he began working full time for a well known landscaping company and it did not take long for him to lead multiple crews for this company.

In 2014, Thomas moved to Forest, VA to go into the trade field of welding, plumbing, and industrial maintenance, all while still continuing his passion for landscaping.

In January of 2021, finally turned his passion into a reality by developing Majestic Views Landscaping, all while working full time in his trades at the time. After Majestic Views began to grow and show potential, Thomas had the opportunity to make this passion his full time career!

Quickly, by March of 2021, what began as a landscaping company evolved into a full service landscaping company offering many services to several different industries. This industries include but are not limited to: Residential, Commercial, and Industrial!


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